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Bespoke Private Tours of Scotland

We limit our group size to six people so we keep it personal 

There is no need to arrange admission we will do it all for you

You tell us how long you want to stay with us

Our day tours start from £100 per person



We're Personal.

Exploring Scotland offers custom private tours that take all the stress and pressure away from your tour of Scotland allowing you to experience Scotland the way you want. We use our local knowledge to find all the best hidden gems of Scotland. Our high standard of customer service will let you enjoy our stunning country on a holiday that is centred around you. Join us on a guided tour of Scotland, contact us for more information on how we can create your personal Scottish tour.

Experience the true Scotland

Add some history and culture into your private tour. Our rich culture is best experienced after learning about our history. Battlefields like Culloden, Bannockburn and Loudoun Hill are drenched in history for the fight for Scottish freedom hundreds of years ago. All these battlefields are close to historical cities with very different stories. Find out more with us and our guided tours.


Your Scotland

Are you a foodie?

You wouldn't believe how good the food can be in Scotland. Unlike other tour companies, we focus on food, making sure all our foodie clients are satisfied. Tell us if food is a big contributor to your guided tour experience and we will show the fine Scottish culinary produce.

Travel like royalty

It's not all about the wilderness of the Scottish Highlands, we know how to relax here in Scotland. We have some of the best hotels and luxury spas in Scotland. Yes, many of our castles are museums or ruins but some of them are spas. Just ask us to add a spa to your holiday and come relax in Scotland.

Scottish Tour from Scottish Guides  

Our private tours of Scotland are made by Scotland's most passionate tour guides who have lived in Scotland their whole life. Our guides are Scottish born and bred just like our company is too. We believe this gives us the enthusiasm to create exciting bespoke private tours for you using the information we have built up over the years of travelling Scotland ourselves.

Read more about our story. 

Us Scots have more than just Edinburgh castle you know? If you want to get a taste of the Scottish Highlands we offer guided day tours from Glasgow where we can show you more of the two thousand castles we have here. Come have a great day outside of the city and travel with us through the natural landscape of Scotland, kilted with a dram of whisky in your hand.

See Scotland in Private

All our guided tours are private

Experience Your Scotland

Our Lowland Whisky Tour will show you why Scottish whisky is world renowned. We also offer great whisky tours across Scotland if you chose to personalise your tour.

Where the real natural beauty lies in Scotland. Many of our personal tours run through the stunning Scottish Highlands, check out our pre-planned tours to find the perfect location and experience for you. 

We are definitely not short of castles in Scotland. We have castles from all ages and in all states of repair. Some of the most iconic castles in the world are right here in Scotland and you can experience them on one of our private tours.

We realise you may not be a Scot and know exactly where you want to go. Luckily for you, we know all the wonderful places that you will want to see like Edinburgh castle and The Isle of Skye. We also want to take you to those special places that you may not be aware of like the Kingdom of Fife and the stunning little island of Easdale. Our day tours try to get you to the great places that you may not have thought of so you can see the corners of Scotland that many miss. Let us drive you through bonnie Scotland telling you tales of all the great Scots and their part in history. Let Exploring Scotland tell you the stories with our bespoke private tours of Scotland.

For those of you who want to see Scotland up close and personal we offer hiking tours for all levels of fitness. Our hiking day tours in the highlands and lowlands let you see secluded parts of Scotland that others often miss. For an even more private Scotland check out our great hiking tours.  For our hiking day tours all you need is:

  • A Waterproof Jacket 

  • Warm Under Layers    

  • Sturdy Walking Boots

We will cover the rest. Want us to source the equipment? Let us know and we will have your equipment waiting for you.

Scottish whisky while walking, what could be better than that?

Whether it's a big trip around the North Coast 500 or your own individual personalised journey, we organise the guided tour and also any tickets required to enter tourist attractions like castles and whisky distilleries. This takes the pressure off you and allows you to concentrate on relaxing and enjoying your bespoke private tour of Scotland. 

Shore Excursions

Have your private driver waiting at the port

On a cruise? We can collect you and drop you off at the port  for personal tours at times that suit you.  We currently offer guided personal tours from  Leith and guided personal tours from Greenock, check out our other shore excursions for tours from cruise ships. We can collect you from anywhere in Scotland if you make a personal request. 

Tour Scotland starting from where you are. Our main location for our private tours is Glasgow and the main cruise port Greenock. Although we have our set tours, our guided day tours can be altered to fit your needs and time constraints. We believe our bespoke private tours of Scotland are the best way to see our beautiful country. If we don't have the location advertised then contact us and we will do our best to get a guide to wherever you are in Scotland. 

For more information on Scotland's events visit Scotlands tourism website, Visit Scotland

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Personal and Private Tours of Scotland

Exploring Scotland is a small tour company that believes there is something for everyone in Scotland and we want to use our knowledge to find that something. Our pre-planned guided day tours are a great way to experience Scotland. You can get to the Scottish Highlands within a few hours from anywhere in Scotland and we're the best way to get there. We'd love to show you our beautiful country your way with a private tour of Scotland.