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Exploring Scotland is a small Scottish born and bred company offering bespoke tours in Scotland. We offer personalised tours as well as pre-planned package tours to small parties (1 to 6 people). Our tours can be as short as a few hours and stretch for as long as you want to stay. Our tours cover the whole of Scotland and can start and end at any of Scotlands cities. We will organise accommodation, food and any extra travel required for the duration of your holiday. Exploring Scotland will organise all the food stops but ask that the client purchase the food as this allows us to keep the tour flexible. All other costs with the exception of food and drink are included in the price.

Our Focus

Exploring Scotland puts our client's interests at the forefront of every decision we make. We want our clients to see Scotland in a way that suits them. We encourage clients to use our Personalised Tour as this makes their tour effortless and unique. When using Exploring Scotland's Personalised Tour, all you need to tell us is what you looking from Scotland and we guarantee we will find it.

How we got started

In the summer of 2018 the UK has one of the sunniest summers for years and believe it or not the sun stretched to Scotland. This summer was my last big summer as a student before beginning my graduate job in the following September. To make the most of my last summer I travelled as much of Scotland as possible.


I saw and did so many amazing things but quickly found that asking locals for advice often resulted in the best activities, sights or food. I found that people I met while traveling often sought different pleasures from what my party and I sought. I also learned that people want to travel at different rates, some want to see as much as possible only stopping for 5 mins to take a photo. While others want to spend hours getting comfortable in their surroundings and become a local for the day.


That got me thinking how could a tour company satisfy a busload of clients wishes? It's not possible. That's what gave me the idea for Exploring Scotland. A company that tourists can trust to utilise local knowledge to find the Scotland that suits them at a speed that suits them.

Find those special places

Let Exploring Scotland take you to the magical place in Scotland, perfect for watching the world go by.

We're wild

We know that those who enjoy a luxurious holiday also like to walk on the wild side. That's why we are more than happy to get you in touch with nature and explore Scotland's wilderness. Whether it is cycling, walking or kayaking we can arrange any outdoor experience for you and your party. 

We're flexible

We're flexible before the tour and on the tour. We understand that you may want to alter our proposed plan, that's not a problem. If there is something missing or the price isn't quite right we can tweak it to suit you. We are also aware you may change your mind whilst on the tour, just say to your guide and we will accommodate your wishes.

We're foodies

We do not want you to miss out on what food Scotland has to offer. We make sure that our tours stop at the best eateries in Scotland. We believe that a holiday is held together by the meals you have on your holiday. 

So if you're a foodie like us then you'll love touring Scotland with us.

Local businesses

As a small Scottish business ourselves we recognise the importance of working with small local businesses. That is why we try our best to work with small local businesses across Scotland and support local communities.